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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 22, 2016 1:30pm-2:01pm EDT

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that's a basic right, so pretty testy exchanged. >> thank you very much indeed. our white house correspondent there with the u.s. president in havana. just want to read out a couple of things that we have heard from ash carter the u.s. defense secretary, we stand by our allies in europe, and by the french prime minister manuel we are at war, he said, the security analyst with us here now, as he put it, estimate which european major cities not necessarily capitols would appear tor most vulnerable if other sites are attacked. i think the key think to look at is one of the risk factors and the population that have gained the operational experience. and again, belgium is on that list, france is on that list. bosnia, albania, and
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especially if you take into account kosovo and sweden. >> going to stop you there, because we have the belgium prime minister, at the podium at the moment. >> we are waiting for translation. while we try to get a translator. >> we are waiting through -- i want to indicate that services are working so that they can be able to communicate information when it is verified. we would also like to indicate that we are measuring all these attacks that we have suffered on our territory. and lubbock metro station in the heart of brussells.
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they are broken lives. lives are broken. people who were going about their business to work, and they have been struck down by most extreme barbarry. and we will work to get justice, we will go and we will go to the site and we have met the first aid teams and the investigators and indicate that we -- there's a before and after, and we have been struck by the informations that we have found but with the statements and we have been instruct by images that we have seen
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which obviously will remain grave. we have held the national security council meeting and in that frame work, we can communicate some information to you. >> . >> the belgium prime minister our translation was from french to english. we understand that he is reiterating some of the points he has already made. talking about a national security council meeting. and the points that have come out of that we can bring in
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justin while we get our french english translator to refer to the french from -- expecting to say lives have been broken and expected so they we are on the trail of this, we will see what happened. how well prepared is belgium? what is security like? >> i think they are not -- suffer from something that is indemocratic throughout europe, which is the look of cooperation between intelligence services and the people, and sometimes between neighbors cunning. and general terms, so so i think what a contrast to when we saw the prime minister leaving the meeting a few days ago when they captured taken that phone call obviously on top of the word, and then defeated now to see what has happened here. so quite a quick turn around for them. and it is a substantial challenge given, again, they have the highest or one of
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the highest rates of return knees from syria, of any western european country. so a big challenge. >> it is one of those things let's listen in for a second, ask my director are we getting a translation yet? >> and also to help provide messages if comfort to the families who are so severely effected. i would like to also thank all the security forces the total mobile id with outpours nor several months now, with a threat level, which is out of the ordinary now from 3 to . and all of us in the belgium population, we are living very difficult times. and i would line to indicate as well that this -- rescue
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measures taken have been support measures have been mobilized to support victims and i would like to thank the work of all the hospital teams. and finally i would like to with the greatest forces say to those who chose to support enemies barbaric ebb mys of freedom, demock six and fundamental values i will say we will remain united together. we are going to be fully mobilized. today with a deep sadness in us, but with the determination full to protect our freedom to proour way of life. we -- one moment.
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again, our team is going to listen into that to let me know when once again he goes back to french english, let's go to lee barker. >> still talking one of the things i picked up, just by reading the news wires here, i don't know whether you have had a chance to is they said there will be addisal security measures after the borders, not fair to ask you to elaborate on that, tell us if you are driving between france and belgium, or elsewhere, is there any sense of security at the borders? >> . >> the journeys between the netherlands bejump and france by roads on several occasions, at least several months ago, there was absolutely no indication of
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there being any security whatsoever you could go from one country to another without knowing you had done. if he is saying security is being bolsters then of course that changes there were serious questions asked as to how the surviving key suspect was able to flee paris heading north making it across the boarder into belgium where he was able to evade capture for four months it has been quite surprising really to see how quickly the french authorities and the belgium authorities have been in shutting down borders. we don't know how long that will be, how long that will last, that al alies to key transport links, whether that's the main train networks between paris and brussells and other european cities and the your row. clearly it has been a
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priority in the wake of the attacks to make sure that borders are controlled much more than they have been in the past what about flying between european countries. if you were to pick a flight into germany, and arrive at the airport, how easy would it be to get into the country from there? >> well, having an e.u. passport is a huge bonus. it means that there is a lax approach to allowing people to pass between countries of course you have to show your pats port at certain points indeed if you are entering the u.k. when it comes to this particular airport, one of the issues that is really been talked about over the course of the day is the level of security in the departure land. we put a question to the c.e.o. of the airport earlier
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on when he came out to speak to the media about how it was possible for people just to be able to walk into the hall and carry out these deadly attacks. now after many airports in europe, and i can only say there are probably only a hand full where there are scanners on the doors entering the airport. moscow being one of them. where there's been a series of attacking there so they have the experience in the past and the forsight to install those but in most airports that just isn't the case, and the question is now are things going to change, will we see a new level of security, there's been a tremendous freedom of movement. >> thank you very much. we will leave it there, show you a picture of the federal prosecutor. we are waiting for -- he is talking in flemish. he was the man that a couple
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of hours ago said that of the three suspects the man many the white coat, was the one that they were most interested in talking to. and that maybe because he escorted the other two as suspected in the attacks at the airport, had lost their lives. blown themes up or been caught up in h the explosions. so we will go back to the federal prosecutor as soon as i am told that he is speaking either english or french. he does appear to be pausing. >> two explosions inside the airport, and one in the northern metro station. the number of victims is very high and also the anti-terrorism section of the prosecutors office, three judge uhs have been instructed to carry out an
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investigation. three suspects have been disseminated, the third one wearing a jacket and white hat, was number of experts on the different have been -- the different crime scenes. because of the highlight and the impact, it is very difficult. several searles have been taking place in the country. several witnesses are being questioned. the magistrate -- the federal magistrate, and brussells are present in nefarious different command posts. and in the government process center to coordinate the operations and to collect information. several explosions were heard and these were from the bomb disposal units. because they -- detonated
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several suspects packages. the status claimed responsibility for these attacks in h the press and this needs to be formally checked at this point we don't confirm that. the inquiry is not possible to provide more information yet. we need more information, when i ask you to avoided parallel investigation to not to disturb the investigators. thank you. from the belgium prime minister. and then from frederic vanderveer the federal prosecutor, pretty scant details about what is going on, expressions of sympathy from the prime minister, and confirmation from the prosecute tear the man in the
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white coat who is put on the screen several time, is the main suspect in this. the other two on the left, we understand having lost their lyes during the ex-lotion, so those three men thought to be responsible for the devastation in brussells. earlier this morning, we will continue a special coverage of the events in belgium, in just a moment. this is the scene at the airport at the moment. they say flights may be back tomorrow, but that is the damage that they have to repair, stay with us if you can. find fantasy shows.
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>> al jazeera america - proud of telling your stories. >> somebody to care about us man... >> we're live in ferguson,
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missouri. >> brick by brick, i will open it. it will take more than a few rocks to stop me from doin' what i have to do. >> suddenly heroin seems to be everywhere. >> there's no way i am willing to give up my family for a drug ever again. >> getting to the heart of the matter. proud to tell your stories. al jazeera america. watching al belgium prosecutors say these three men are the mane suspects belined attacks that have left 34 people dead. the two in black on the left are believed to be suicide bombers from the airport attack, the third man is perhaps on the right is still being sought by police.
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>> that explosion and 130 injuries. you would expect world leaders to express their regrets. >> have now taken place in the last four monos. the president of france a
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country where 130 people were murdered in paris in november, called for europn unity. >> we have all involved and must deal with the subject because without security, there would be no economic development, and we must ensure that all means go into security and plans, and all of europe. >> world leaders rability aing on social media, tweeted that his heart and mind were in brussells. spain's acting prime minister setter reach will not defeat us. german minister called it a black day for europe, and the british foreign secretary said his government was in constant with his belgium counter parts. in jordan when she heard what happened. >> it is a sad day for europe. as europe and the capitol are
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suffering the same thing that this region has known every single day. she was moved to tears. >> our friends and europe, and with all of these loving nations, and -- >> i am sorry. turkey is still reeling after a suicide attack on one of the main streets on sunday, the country's prime minister gave this reaction to the event ms. brussells. >> today here again, invite human kind to act together the p.k.k., daesh, every kind of terrorism. >> the links the attackers may have had to isil will be central to the brussells investigation but most believe will it be impossible to defeat isil until the conflict in syria now five
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years old is brought to an end. talks here in geneva condition but there's disagreement about something as simple as the agenda. >> syrian government wants to focus on terrorism and in a statement from damarcus, they said the attacks were the direct result of the wrong policies on syria. for the main block, the high negotiations committee spokesman said the people stand in solidarity with the people of belgium condolences from around the world continue to flood in world leaders expressing their sorrow and anger, but soon they will have to move on to even more difficult issues, their response in terms of aviation and transport security, intelligence gathering and middle east policy. al jazeera, the united nations in geneva. >> and no surprise these days that people have been on social media expressing what
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they say is their sol laherty. after the brussells attacks. and this twitter post shows the belgium flag with the #pray for belgium. it is so far been shared thousands of times and people have been sharing images of the most popular cartoon character. those of us here in the u.k., the writer says belgium is crying for his children, and this is the official twitter account of the french capitol of paris. as we have been reminding ourselves 130 reported last november in the attacks then, the accounts display the belgium flag and says the iffle tour will be lit up in the colors of belgium on tuesday morning. a live shot here of the airport. you can see the scaffolding there, hard to pick up the damage behind them, perhaps we can see the shattered window on the left there.
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so that is what is happening there, and this is in brussells itself, in h the center. about halve an hour train ride from the airport. floral tributes. not entirely certain what that location is. but according to our correspondent, paul brennen who was close the the european parliament has been replaced for a number of hours has gradually been lifted i am not sure if that as at the airport or in brussells, as you can see people pay their respects in h their own way so what are the implications after what happened, matthew with me now, managing director of the aviation consultants i was
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interesting to see that you were surprised that only half of the airport is security, surely the whole airport shower secure from the minute you arrive in the carport, how do you do that? >> well, what i mean by that is that essentially aviation security only takes place after the check point. so then arriving in the area of the airport, anyone trying to get into the airport, can check in or say goodbye to somebody, they are not subjected to the same level of screening as those going through security. >> because we understand these explosions were before you go through security. >> absolutely. what we have understood today from the facts that have emerged is that check in areas three and 11 were the main sites of the blast. so people in those areas want to be subject to any screening so the question then becomes, for those 3.5 billion passengers that are flying here, what's their expectation of aviation security when they arrive do they expect to feel safe. >> let's be factual about
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this, how do you make an entire airport secure? do you start screening people, their belts their shoes, from the moment they before they get out of their cars in the carport perhaps, you seriously think that --'s. >> no, i would have that tick the opposite. if we do that we are pushing the problem outside on to the curb or the carport. what we need to do is take a stet back and see the airport as whole, and recognize that certain type of security happen often, and at the aviation security check point, and you can put different measures in place in the area. you can behavior detection officers you can have patrols, better use of video surveillance. there are other things that we can put into place that would allow us to see security. >> 16 floors belo we with resitting here in east london about two hours ago, we were
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able to see sniffer dogs. >> yeah. >> and they said explosions, so why not allow those dogs friendly dogs in the spot simply to roam around and check the entire time, why don't people do that? >> i don't know. why don't people do that, because there are other measures available, dogs is a very good opportunity to use explosive detection capabilities. there's particle detection capability, we can use many different types of methods and techniques to put new layers on top of the existing security frame work is it cost? >> cost will always be a factor, there will always be a cost element to the new implementation. >> it could be done people aren't prepared to pay for it? >> i don't think cost is what is get untiling the way, i think what is getting in the way is that it requires a lot of stake holders to come together, to see security
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realistic clay. >> matthew, thank you. appears to be a communitying gather point, you can see tributes left there, in the center. we are going to continue our special coverage of events in brussells in this 34 people, at least, we understand have died. and as we look at that picture, let's bring you another one. they have f othe three suspects two of them could be suicide bombers at the airport. the man on the right, the man in the light colored coat and with the hat, police are saying he is a suspect he is at large, and they have pictures of him running from the airport our special coverage continues here in just a moment, i do is that
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with us if you can.
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>> these people have decided that today they will be arrested. >> i know that i'm being surveilled. >> people are not getting the care that they need. >> this is a crime against humanity. >> hands up... >> don't shoot. >> hands up... >> don't shoot. >> what do we want? >> justice. >> when do we want it? >> now. >> explosions going on... we're not quite sure - >> is that an i.e.d.? one oflinging. >> . >> antonio mora gives you a global view. >> this is a human rights crisis. >> and at 11:00 - "news wrap-up". clear... concise... complete.
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this is al jazeera. >> very good to have you with with us here. live from london. let's take a look at some of the stories we are covering there the next 60 minutes. the three men suspected of being behind two separate attacks in the belgium capitol killing 34 people. the picture is shown the man on the right still at large. isil says it was behind the tacks two explosions here. at the